First  Prize OverallHepworth Band
Second Prize OverallRainford Band
Third Prize OverallConcord Band (Denmark)
Best Saddleworth1st PlaceUppermill Band
Best Saddleworth2nd PlaceDiggle Band
Best Local BandThe Oldham Band (Lees)
1st Section1st PlaceLongridge Band
1st Section2nd PlaceCity of Bradford Band
2nd Section1st PlaceWhitworth Vale & Healey Band
2nd Section2nd PlaceEccleston Brass Band
3rd Section1st PlaceAmersham Band
3rd Section2nd PlaceParr (St Helens) Band
4th Section1st PlaceCity of Chester Band
4th Section2nd PlaceWest Coast Brass
Best Youth1st PlaceTewit Youth Band
Best Youth2nd PlaceWardle High Youth Band
Best Soprano CornetHepworth Band
Best Bass SectionHepworth Band
BANDS PLAYED – 60 (Contest Record)